Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Emergency! Please read and share

Tallahassee, Fl – In an unprecedented action, Governor Scott, Wednesday declared an opioid epidemic threatening the State of Florida with an emergency.  In his Executive Order No. 17-146, Governor Scott recognized the 33,000 nationwide deaths per year and 3,900 Florida deaths due to opioids.

The Order allows for federal grant funds to provide for services to Florida communities instead of waiting until the start of the next fiscal year, July 1, 2017. The HHS grant of $27M over two years, provides funds to the Department of Children and Families, to provide prevention, treatment, and recovery support services to address this epidemic.  

The Order also directs DCF, DOH, and FDLE to meet with communities and hold workshops to identify additional strategies to fight the rising opioid usage cases in Florida. (1) 

Thank you for reading and sharing this. There will be more to follow on the very hot topic. Stay tuned and stay well!

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(1) Source: Paul Lambert, J.D. Florida Chiropractic Association General Council

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